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Project Name

Saada Mall New Cairo

Project Location New Cairo City
The Project Space 88 acre
Sales Number 01025717671
Unit Types Commercial
Meter price 117000 L.E

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Saada Mall New Cairo is a unique, mixed-use project located in a strategic and prominent location. It features numerous retail stores and administrative offices with luxurious architectural designs and highly competitive prices. Additionally, it offers various flexible payment plans, including installment options starting from 6 years.

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Saada New Cairo overview

The New Cairo Happiness Mall is one of the grand and distinguished projects offered by Horizon Developments, which is considered one of the leading real estate companies in the Arab market. It has succeeded in implementing numerous projects in Egypt and the Middle East, achieving significant successes and massive sales. It has successfully built a massive commercial mall incorporating many services and features that make it one of the most important and best malls in Egypt.

It represents an ideal opportunity for many who seek to achieve the highest investment returns in the shortest time possible, as it contains many attractive elements that contribute to the success of various activities. Starting from its strategic location in the heart of New Cairo on the Suez Road, and its proximity to many major axes such as the Mohamed Naguib Axis, in addition to its proximity to the Ring Road and the New Administrative Capital, making it easily accessible throughout the day.

Furthermore, it extends over a vast area of ​​370,000 square meters and is characterized by luxurious architectural designs built to the highest modern international standards to meet the aspirations of customers and compete with global malls, thanks to its highest levels of creativity and uniqueness.

It features a variety of units ranging in size from 60 square meters to 100 square meters, accommodating a large number of customers. Additionally, it offers special prices and flexible payment systems to facilitate customers and investors, assisting them in the success of their emerging projects.

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Mall Saada location

Horizon Egypt Real Estate Company took great care in selecting the project site to provide the elements of success for clients and investors. They relied on a group of experts and specialists in urban planning and investment to choose the project location. They settled on this area as it is located in New Cairo on the Suez Road, near the Fifth Settlement, to provide service to residents and ease of access.

  • Saada Mall New Cairo is located directly on the Suez Road and Iv Business Park.
  • It is near Mohamed Naguib Axis and Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis.
  • Saada Mall on the Suez Road is distinguished by its proximity to the New Administrative Capital.
  • Saada Mall New Cairo project is a short distance from the Fifth Settlement.
  • Saada Mall New Cairo is located near the Middle Ring Road.
  • The mall is a few minutes away from the New Cairo American University and the German University.
  • Horizon Egypt New Cairo project is a short distance from Rehab City, Madinaty, and Madinat Al Shorouk.
  •   Saada Mall on the Suez Road is just a few steps away from Cairo Airport and The Rift Business Park.
  • Saada Mall New Cairo has been implemented on a large area of up to 370,000 square meters and is considered
  • one of the largest commercial and entertainment malls in New Cairo. The developer of the project took care to choose this vast space to provide green spaces and landscaping, in addition to all the essential services, facilities, and entertainment amenities that meet the needs of visitors and investors.

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  Facilities in Saada

Saada Mall in New Cairo presents a guaranteed successful investment opportunity, owing to the extensive experience and wide knowledge of the developing company. This expertise has led to the incorporation of numerous unique features, services, and integrated facilities sought after by both customers and investors, achieving optimal results in the shortest time possible. Among the prominent services and features are:

  1. A vibrant and strategic location in the heart of New Cairo, near many famous landmarks, lively areas, and major roads.
  2. Saada Mall in New Cairo offers a diverse range of investment units that cater to all customers’ and investors’ needs.
    The mall boasts architectural designs of the highest international standards, inspired by European style and executed by the renowned engineer Adnan Safarini.
  3. Extremely competitive prices complemented by flexible payment systems and installment options.
    Modern electronic systems for project unit management to provide customers and visitors with a comfortable working experience.
  4. Continuous diverse entertainment and cultural activities, such as concerts, exhibitions, art shows, and more.
    Dedicated parking garages covering a vast area to accommodate a large number of vehicles.
    Electric escalators and elevators for easy access between mall floors such as Amara new cairo.
    High-speed internet connectivity to facilitate quick business operations.
  5. Family entertainment area with various activities and recreational games for children and adults.
  6. Round-the-clock customer service offices to provide a distinctive and comfortable experience to visitors.
  7. Central air conditioning systems to maintain suitable temperatures, air purification, and ambiance in Saada Horizon Egypt Mall.
  8. Access to a variety of international cuisine options within Saada Mall in New Cairo, featuring numerous upscale restaurants and cafes.
  9. State-of-the-art cinema equipped with the latest technologies for high-quality movie screenings and enjoyment.
  10. Specialized maintenance team ensuring prompt repairs and regular maintenance checks for efficient operations.
  11. Cleaning staff maintaining cleanliness across all floors, restrooms, and units within the mall, fostering a healthy and productive environment.
  12. Top-notch electronic entry systems to regulate the entry and exit process at Mall Saada New Cairo.
  13. Fully equipped rooms for important meetings and conferences within Saada Mall in New Cairo.
    Many stores featuring international and popular local brands to provide an enjoyable and entertaining shopping experience to visitors.
  14. ATMs facilitating financial and cash transactions within Saada Horizon Egypt Mall.
  15. Automatic electric generators in case of power outages to ensure continuous productivity within the mall.
  16. High-level fire-fighting systems that activate upon smoke detection at Mall Saada New Cairo.
  17. 24-hour security and surveillance services to provide the highest levels of safety to customers, along with modern and advanced monitoring systems to track any suspicious activities.

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The developer company of Saada Mall New Cairo

Horizon Egypt Real Estate Development Company is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt, excelling in the real estate industry by achieving a pioneering position and excellence, especially following the significant success it has attained through projects in New Cairo.

The company prides itself on possessing a highly qualified leadership team, headed by Sheikh Majid Al Naemi, who serves as the head of the Royal Diwan in the Emirate of Ajman, UAE. Additionally, Adnan Safarini, a prominent businessman in the UAE and one of the founders of ten global engineering offices in the United Arab Emirates, is part of this team. One of these offices participated in designing the Saada Mall and Compound in Egypt.

Moreover, Abdullah Al Mischel, a Dubai-based businessman, has chosen to invest in Egypt, considering it one of the most profitable countries for real estate investment.

The company has a clear vision for setting architectural standards and aims to deliver real estate projects that meet all market aspirations, needs, and customer ambitions.

In addition to committing to the highest standards of quality, excellence, and timely project delivery, Horizon Egypt provides reasonable prices that have attracted many customers and investors seeking residential and investment opportunities.

Take the chance of own a stunning unit at Saada New Cairo with launch prices and best living and investment way, call us for a booking



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