Ain Sukhna


Ain Sukhna city is a lovely holiday destination because of its beautiful nature. It is situated 55 kilometres (34 mi) south from Cairo, one and a half hour drive on the new highway. Ain Sokhna Town is an Egyptian town in the Suez Governorate, lying on the western shore of the Red Sea’s Gulf of Suez.

The town is perfectly nestled between Suez and Ain Sukhna. The beaches in Ain Sokhna are simply stunning and offer something for everyone – whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to relax or a more lively atmosphere with plenty of activities.

Location of Ain Sukhna

Ain Sukhna is a town located in the Suez Canal area of Egypt. The town is situated on the Gulf of Suez and is a popular destination for tourists because of its beautiful nature. The distance from Cairo to Ain Sukhna is 1.5 hours by car.

There are many things to do in Ain Sukhna such as kite surfing, swimming, and exploring the many beaches and resorts.

History of Ain Sukhna

Ain Sukhna is a town in the Suez Governorate of Egypt. It is situated on the western shore of the Red Sea’s Gulf of Suez, 55 kilometers south of Ismailia. Ain Sukhna has been developed as a beach getaway for Cairo, accessible by a trip of less than two hours from the city.

To cruise passengers, El Gouna is the main attraction while visiting Ain Sukhna. However, there are many other things to see and do in this coastal village.

Ain Sukhna was once a sleepy fishing village. However, it has undergone rapid development in recent years and is now a bustling resort town.

The beautiful beaches and clear waters of the Red Sea are the main draw for tourists. In addition to its natural attractions, Ain Sukhna also offers a variety of activities and amenities for visitors to enjoy.

There are many restaurants and cafes catering to all tastes, as well as shops selling souvenirs and local

Infrastructure of Ain Sukhna

The Ain Sokhna Industrial Zone is a major industrial and logistics hub at the southern gateway to the Suez Canal, combining port facilities, industrial parks, and infrastructure networks.

The project involves the construction of a 1300 MW (2×650 MW) supercritical steam turbine power plant located adjacent to the sea port of Ain Sokhna on the Gulf of Suez.

The plant will be operated by ElSewedy Industrial Complex, which stretches over a total area of 1,651,303 m2 within Al-Ain Al-Sokhna. PIF, BlackRock sign MoU to explore infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia.

Education in Ain Sukhna

Ain Sukhna is a town in the Hot Spring area of Al-‘Ain al-Sokhna. The new educational adventure that makes the whole difference – Your #1 to go place for education and fun.

We provide you the easy access to all. The project includes El Galala City, El Galala University, and a tourist resort overlooking the Gulf of Suez, in addition to the Ain. As much as we care about education, we care about.

There are no IELTS tests offered by British Council in Ain Sukhna but you may be able to do IDP Education – Skyline University College, University. Main Office – 6th Oct. Campus. 26 July Mehwar Road intersection with Wahat Road, 6th October City. Egypt. What companies run services between 6th of October City, Egypt and Ain Sukhna, Egypt? Go Bus Egypt operates a bus from Alex Gate to Porto El Sokhna . Premium housing (residential

Recreation in Ain Sukhna

Ain Sukhna is the perfect place to enjoy a variety of water sports and snorkeling excursions. The area’s beaches are known for their beautiful sandy shores, and the hotel resorts offer all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable and luxurious experience.

Ain Sukhna is also a great place to enjoy a variety of local recreational activities. The local sports-and-recreation guide can help you find and book a personal Activity tour that will suit your interests and budget.

Ain Sukhna villages

Ain Sukhna is one of the top getaway vacation spots in Egypt because of its natural beauty. Tourists flock to Ain Sukhna because it is on the Red Sea’s shore and has a Gulf of Suez. It is situated 55 kilometers south of Cairo. Mada Ain El Sokhna Village is one of Wadi Degla Real Estate’s projects that is attracting attention.

The village of Ain Sukhna is one of the most important villages in Ain Sukhna. It is characterized by its great experience in the real estate field. The village has a lot of projects that are suitable for all tastes.

One of the most important projects in the village is the Mountain View Ain Sokhna project. This project includes the city of Galala, the University of Galala, and a tourist resort overlooking the Gulf of Suez, in addition to the Ain Sokhna road.

Azha project is another great project in Ain Sokhna that is located in the heart of Ain Sokhna, 126 km away from Cairo. The project contains a large number of facilities and amenities that make it an ideal choice for