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Amara new cairo

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Amara New Cairo Compound refreshes the living style and residential concept of a new plan development after the serial of achievements in the new capital.

AMARA Compound offers all chances to succeed and take an investment opportunity, new plan is offers fully finished units in a prime location

Amara New Cairo Residence offers all space of units to suit all kinds of clients with payments 10% Dp and the rest over 8 years.

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amara new plan

Nile Boulevard Compound

AMARA New Cairo By New Plan Its Newest Project Up to 8 years

One example of a new plan development is AMARA RESIDENCE. This residential development aims to provide luxurious living spaces in a prime location, catering to the discerning needs of modern homeowners.

New plan involves meticulous market research, architectural design, and innovative amenities to create a unique selling proposition.

yellow urban lanes

Amara Compound Location

New Plan Developments now reaches New Cairo by AMARA RESIDENCE Compound in north 90th and Amara new plan is located in the heart of New Cairo and also:

  • 1 minute away from Maxim mall.
  • 3 minutes away from AUC.
  • 10 minutes AMARA New Cairo is situated from CFC
  • Amara residence is 15 minutes to New Capital
  • cairo – suez road and Sokhna Road is minutes away.
  • M a d i n a t y is near to Amara new cairo
  • Amara new plan is located near to Platinum Club and Rind road.

Al Burouj Compound

amara new cairo Location

talda New Cairo

Amara New Plan strategic planning

Strategic planning is a crucial process that helps businesses outline their goals, define strategies, and allocate resources to achieve long-term success.

Amara new plan allows clients to anticipate challenges, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions. By engaging in strategic planning, businesses can align their actions with their vision, mission, and values, improving efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

stoda compound

Amara new cairo Master Plan

  • Green area.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Landscape and water features
  • Amara new plan is 27 acres which contains 27 buildings and 500 units.

AMARA Master Plan

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AMARA New Cairo Lifestyle

Dreamed & Developed By
Experience the fancy living. AMARA RESIDENCE New Cairo directly located on North 90th
AMARA New Cairo Compound is spanning over 27 Feddan.
AMARA Compound Featuring various amenities:
» Clubhouse.
» Lake across AMARA New Cairo.
» Entertainment Areas.

the valleys hassan allam

AMARA New Cairo Residential Units:

1. Fully Finished Apartments

  • Triplex
  • AMARA New Cairo Alto casa triplex
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments
  • 4 Bedroom Apartments

2. Branded Apartments

• Delivery Date: 3.5 years

AMARA RESIDENCE Compound Payment Terms:

  • With Amara new Cairo payment plan up to 8 years and down payment starts from 10%.

Accepting EOI’s 50,000 LE

Get ready to witness the magic unfold in the city’s most coveted location. Stay tuned for more about AMARA New Cairo.

  • Call now: 01025717671
  • Or via WhatsApp, click here

Saada Compound New Cairo

Amara Compound new cairo

dijar compound

Nep Plan Development Projects


TALAH New Plan aims to redefine the concept of modern living with its innovative prototypes. The development offers a range of options, including luxurious villas and elegant apartments, designed to cater to diverse lifestyles. Each prototype showcases meticulous attention to detail, luxurious finishes, and state-of-the-art amenities.

The architectural designs reflect a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and sustainability, creating spaces that inspire both comfort and elegance. TALAH New Capital’s prototypes set a new standard for contemporary urban living. Talah Compound New Capital is a highly anticipated development project offering a new vision for urban living.

district 5 new cairo


Tonino Lamborghini is not just a brand; it is a dynamic community that brings together individuals who share a passion for style, luxury, and Italian culture. As a member of the Tonino Lamborghini community, you become part of an exclusive world where innovation meets tradition.

With a focus on creating exceptional experiences and fostering meaningful connections, Tonino Lamborghini offers its community members a platform to engage, collaborate, and celebrate the values that define the brand. Tonino Lamborghini located in the heart of Italy, Tonino Lamborghini embraces its rich heritage and showcases the unique blend of craftsmanship and innovation that the country is famous for.

ATIKA New Capital Master Plan

The master plan for ATIKA New Capital is designed to offer a modern and sustainable living experience. Spanning over a vast area, it encompasses residential, commercial, and recreational zones. Atika New plan includes beautifully landscaped parks, wide boulevards, and community facilities that promote a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. With a focus on sustainability, the master plan incorporates energy-efficient infrastructure and green spaces, providing residents with a harmonious environment.

ATIKA New Capital sets a new standard for urban living, combining convenience, elegance, and sustainability in one vibrant community. ATIKA Compound is situated on the Cairo-Suez Road, it provides convenient access to major transportation hubs, including the Cairo International Airport and the New Capital Airport.

ELEVEN Mall New Capital

New Compounds Launch with AMARA Compound:



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