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If you’re looking for an ultimate unit destination in new Cairo, look no further than Taj City Compound, This compound that located in one of the most important areas in new city and offers an unusual life experience, with all the facilities around you.

Taj City New Cairo is owned by MNHD, which is a reputable real estate developer with years of experience building luxury communities, club side taj city New Cairo offers many types of units, that you can choose from it with the best prices and less down payment, Book your luxury apartment now by keeping in touch with us in:

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Taj City Compound Egypt prices

Taj city new cairo is the latest destination for those who prefer a comfortable life within a walled and secure compound. taj city compound provides world-class amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, and sports courts.

The apartments in Club Side taj city mnhd come in different sizes and spaces, giving residents the freedom to choose the one that best suits their needs, It promises a luxurious life surrounded by green areas and modern architecture. Club Side phase offers spacious apartments with a starting size of 113 square meters.

  • Apartments for sale in club side taj city with spaces until 281 SQM.
  • The average taj city compound egypt prices is 4,500,000 EGP.
  • There are apartments with Garden and others with roof.

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Taj City compound phases

  • Origami Gardens Taj City
  • Camellia Apartments
  • Lotus Apartments
  • Lily Apartments
  • taj ville
  • club side taj city

The valleys hassan allam

Location of Club Side Taj City Compound

Taj City Club Side is the newest phase of Taj City Compound located in the heart of new Cairo, on Cairo-Suez Road. Taj City new cairo is accessible from various parts of the city, making it a convenient location for its residents.

  • Taj City Compound is a prime residential location with easy access to Nasr City and Heliopolis.
  • With a strategic location only 5 minutes away from Cairo Airport and 90th Street.
  •  Club side new cairo residents can easily access Ring Road.
  • Taj City New Cairo is near to: amara new cairo

Taj City club side well-planned infrastructure provides accessibility to top-quality amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enriching lifestyle for its residents.

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Facilities at Taj City Compound New Cairo

Taj City Compound offers a range of facilities and amenities. Residents can enjoy a well-balanced lifestyle that combines practicality, luxury, and convenience, such as:

  • Taj city new cairo ensures a safe living environment.
  • Green spaces provide a peaceful escape from the noise of the city.
  • club side provided by exceptional services, personalized to meet the needs of residents.
  • Swimming pools, tennis courts, and spa facilities.
  • residents have access to every amenity required for an active lifestyle, like Fitness centers.
  • Meditation walks and outdoor activities.

Mountain view mostakbal city

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MHND owner of Taj City New Cairo

Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development is a leading real estate developer in Egypt, with a proven track record of successful projects and the owner of Taj City compound New Cairo, which includes the sought-after Club Side residential project.

MNHD prioritizes delivering world-class developments to the varied needs and lifestyles of its clients. Taj City club side is no exception to this standard, featuring stunning designs and a luxurious living experience.

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Projects of Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development

Taj City New Cairo – Sarai New Cairo

Located in the heart of the city, Sarai Compound is a premier residential complex designed to provide residents with a comfortable and luxurious living experience. The compound consists of beautifully designed apartments and villas, offering a range of layouts and sizes to suit different preferences.

With its meticulous attention to detail and high-quality construction, Sarai Compound sets itself apart as a modern and stylish community. The development boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including swimming pools, fitness centers, a community center, and lush green spaces where residents can relax and unwind.

In addition to its exceptional amenities, Sarai Compound is strategically located close to major transportation hubs, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, ensuring that residents have easy access to all their daily needs. Whether it’s for individuals or families, Sarai Compound provides a serene environment that fosters a sense of community and belonging.

If you’re looking for a place that combines comfort, convenience, and luxury, Sarai Compound is the perfect choice. Experience the best in contemporary living at this impressive residential development.

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Design of Taj City Compound New Cairo

The design of the Club Side New Cairo exudes style, elegance, and sophistication, making it a perfect space for young professionals, couples, and families, Club Side apartments offer landscape views of the highest point in the compound.

Club Side taj city cairo is a perfect blend of modern architecture and luxurious amenities. The residential units are designed to suit the highest standards of living and provide residents with ultimate comfort and pleasure

Taj City Club side apartments is unique as it offers prime views, and provide beautiful views of the surrounding landscape, overall, the design of Club Side Taj City offers all the luxuries of modern living while maintaining a close connection to nature.

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Other advantages of Club Side Tag City New Cairo

MNHD team is committed to providing quality and excellence in all aspects of the project, from location selection to facilities and amenities, making Taj City Club Side an unmatched residential option for those seeking a sophisticated lifestyle within a gated community.

MNHD ensures that every detail is taken care of to make living in Club Side New Cairo as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Taj City New Cairo is a promising new destination, with everything one could ask for in a luxury living community.

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