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Taj City New Cairo | 0% down payment and 10 years installments

Taj City Compound, New Cairo, 
Nasr City for Housing and Development

Our home is a reflection of where we are, where we come from and where we go. Taj City brings back the ancient Cairo that everyone loved with its sophistication and sense of being in the heart of the city. It will enable its residents to live the way they love while connecting to their roots and to have the accessibility and quality of living they are looking for. Designed for over 3.5 million square meters, this self-contained community is designed for those looking for a high lifestyle and unique community experience offering the most luxurious residential units, commercial areas, retail stores, medical facilities and international academic offerings.

The new Taj City compound site in Cairo

Taj City Compound is located along Al Thawra Street, a few minutes away from Heliopolis and Nasr City, close to Maadi and central Cairo. Residents will live in the heart of the city, and appear as an equally sophisticated neighborhood with all the amenities of life.
With direct access to the Ring Road, Taj City is minutes from Cairo Airport,
and right in front of the JW Marriott.

For inquiries: –
01146812776 – 01011556154
Compound Taj City New Cairo 
Nasr City for Housing and Development

Apartments for sale in Taj City Compound 0% down payment and installments over 10 years

Taj City New Cairo compound contains several stages, and each stage has many different spaces, starting from 65 meters to 180 meters for apartments.
The following is a display of the price plan for the units of Taj City Compound, New Cairo:

Apartment for sale in Tag Sultan, New Cairo,
Location: Suez Road – New Cairo

Area: 100 meters
Number of rooms: 2
Number of bathrooms: 1
Price: 1,850,000 EGP
without down payment
15,000 monthly premium

Apartment 146 m
price 2,400,000 down payment
premium 20,000 over 120 months without interest
Cache discount 38%

Apartment 100 square meters
2 bedrooms – 1 bathroom – reception
terrace terrace on land scape
0% downpayment
15 thousand monthly for 10 years
receiving two years and
there is 38% discount on cash

There are other spaces and other payment systems,
you can communicate and learn more about the initiation spaces for
inquiries: –
01146812776 – 01011556154
Taj City Compound New Cairo 
Nasr City for Housing and Development

For the city of Nasr City for Housing and Development

Nasr City for Housing and Development, the leading real estate development company in Egypt, was established in 1959 as a public company, and was put up for trading on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 1995.

The Nasr City Company for Housing and Development was initially launched to develop 40 million square meters of land in Nasr City and adjacent areas in Cairo Governorate.

Since this time, through a qualified team exceeding 450 professionals, Nasr City for Housing and Development has developed a set of mega projects in addition to the infrastructure projects in Egypt throughout which it met the needs of thousands of Egyptians in the middle income segment.

Taj City Compound, New Cairo, 
Nasr City for Housing and Development

With the overall restructuring of the company, Nasr City Housing and Development has expanded from its target groups to include the upper class.

To take advantage of the opportunities available in this category, which represents a potential force in the real estate market, Nasr City Housing Company launched “Taj City” and “Saray” huge and mixed-use residential projects.

In order to achieve these goals, Nasr City Housing Company contracted with the most famous engineering and international architectural design companies to develop the company’s main plan in line with its vision to create projects that represent destinations for all of its customers more than just a residential project.

Taj City New Cairo 
 Madinet Nasr for housing and development 

In keeping with the best international standards, Nasr City has launched two projects in Cairo, which are “Taj City” to be a cultural destination and “Sarai” to be a distinctive entertainment destination, whose overall plan was designed through the most famous international offices, as the Belgian company “DDS & Partners” designed The “Taj City” plan, while the internationally recognized architectural “Benoy” designed the “Saray” scheme.

Within the framework of its social responsibility, Nasr City for Housing and Development committed to its developmental role in the areas surrounding its projects in Nasr City, and social responsibility initiatives are an essential part of the company’s philosophy.

For inquiries: –
01146812776 – 01011556154
Compound Taj City New Cairo 
Nasr City for Housing and Development

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