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Monte Galala, Ain Sokhna, is one of the most beautiful tourist villages in Egypt. Located in the heart of Ain Sokhna city, It has many and many features, such as the beautiful nature and ancient design, which is known for its sophistication and luxury.

IL Monte Galala

Also, the Monte Galala Resort is located on a large area estimated at 530 acres. Therefore, the resort is one of the largest projects of luxury, We all know that the exploitation of land was 80% to establish and create the wonderful services that each customer needs.

The site of Monte Galala Resort

The company based on the Monte Galala project in Ain Sokhna wanted Misr Real Estate Development Company, The resort site should be all-inclusive and close to everything a customer needs.

The city and resort of Monte Galala is located near the end of the Galala Road and about 3 km from the Emirates Gas Station.

The presence of Monte Galala in the heart of Ain Sokhna is what made it very close to many other tourist villages such as:

Away from the village of Movenpick about 7 km.

  • And also from the most famous villages of Sokhna, which is the village of Porto, about 11 km.

And near Ain Sokhna to Cairo, It has become the closest coastal city to which many attest. ، The Monte Galala Resort is approximately 45 minutes from Cairo.

And do not forget that this huge product is about 25 minutes away from the administrative capital, it also has a magic champion on the sea.

About Monte Galala

Monte Galala
Monte Galala

In the next we get to know Monte Galala in a completely different way that makes you see it while you are in your place: –

  • The Monte Galala Resort was created at the end of the new Galala Road and is now easily accessible through Cairo and the journey takes less than an hour. This encourages many to spend great times there.
  • This massive resort built on 2.2 million square meters, It is one of the largest huge tourist villages and the village was built on the Galala Mountains, which is located directly in front of the sea, And don’t forget here the beautiful and attractive design that this huge resort enjoys. Adapted from Portfolio, This product is one of the first Egyptian resorts to be built on the mountains.
  • The product was built in 3-step hills, ensuring the view of the sea from all directions, as well as the enjoyment of clear blue turquoise water and fine sand.
  • Modern international designs were used to create this global product in Egypt. Where it is characterized by sophistication and luxury, which made the village of Mont Galala take on a European character.
  • This wonderful huge project hit Egypt Real Estate Development Company very famous, specifically in Ain Sukhna, as well as the vast area of this project, which has never been created before.
  • The company has prepared and met all the requirements of its customers through its precedents in construction and development for many years, it strived to have all of those experiences inside IL Monte Galala.

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